Things I Love #100

1 Sep

1        wild and crazy easy chair

2        infinitely incomplete legwarmers

3        concerts in

4        months

       days a week in Corporate World

       blog sections

7        days a week in Gumball Crayola World


9        friends with blogs

10      volunteer shifts

11      posts about chocolate

12      Monday Musical Pick Me Ups

13      muppets 

14      fluffy penguins

15      dollars spent on my nails

16      times spent admiring my nails while posting this

17      days staying on the wagon

18      day limit before falling off the wagon

19      posts about food

20      times a day thinking, “that is SO going on my blog!”

21      strange looks from accidentally saying “that is SO going on my blog!” out loud

22      times thinking about The Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake

23      pounds gained if I were to make that many chocolate sheet cakes

24      cookies baked

25      years that I’ve been a big sister

26      letters contributing to my epic scrabble victory

27      skinny vanilla lattes

28      flavours of David’s Tea that I still haven’t tried

29      new flavours that will probably come out before I get around to trying the first 28

30      recipes that I want to try from The Short Lists blog

31      episodes of True Blood in

32      days

33      minutes playing Plants VS Zombies after it was featured on an episode of True Blood

34      posts about music

35      minutes spent listening to Jamie Cullum while I got ready for work

36      minutes with Jamie Cullum stuck in my head after I got to work

37      times I’ve quoted When Harry Met Sally this week

38      ,000 times I’ve quoted When Harry Met Sally in total

39      hours I slept during my last long weekend

40      days till I’m back inWindsor

41      more times that I could watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two without getting tired of it

42      years old when I’ll (maybe) start acting like a grown up

43      words in my shortest post

44      hours it would take me to attempt this

45      dollars I wish I spent on a Glee concert tshirt

46      minutes at a lunchtime concert with my friend Deb

47      hits when I blogged about Porter Airlines on my way to Ottawa

48      hours in Ottawa

49      Gumball Crayola posts

50      falling leaves

51-99 exclamation points used in this blog so far

100     Things I Love!

Thanks for sticking around everyone! I can’t wait for the next 100!


One Response to “Things I Love #100”

  1. ba September 2, 2011 at 8:21 am #

    WOW !!!!!

    I can hardly wait for the next 100 entries either…. keep them coming


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