Father of the Bride VS Father of the Bride

14 Mar

Good morning! And welcome to Wednesday.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been here to share movie makeovers with you for the past few days. A whole whack of things landed in my lap at once (or whacked me upside the head, is more like it) both in Corporate World and in Real Life, and I have to admit that my first instinct was to hibernate.

You would think that after being here at Gumball Crayola for almost a year (a year!) I would know better by now. I had originally given myself until the end of the week to wallow, but have decided that coming back to you, and our movie makeovers, will make me feel better than a good wallow ever could.

So here we go! As promised, waaaaay back last week, today’s Makeover is a bit more family-oriented than The Italian Job. I bring you…

Father of the Bride VS Father of the Bride

Also known as Tracey VS Martin, also known as Curmudgeon VS Curmudgeon, also known as My Favourite VS My Favourite, also known as Why Do I Do These Things To Myself… let the fun begin!

The Deal: Favourite curmudgeon’s favourite (and only) daughter announces her engagement;  several hilarious curmudgeonly speeches about the absurdity of wedding planning ensues; feelings (of both the curmudgeonly and fatherly variety) are felt until everyone ends up being tired, happy, and tiredly, happily, married, at the end of the day.

The Original VS The Do Over: As I may have mentioned above, I am rather partial to both of these fabulous, curmudgeonly gentleman, and am really not at all convinced that I need to choose between this…

…and this

So, while I feel that both the Fathers and the Brides are perfectly cast in both of these movies…










I do have to admit that Martin Short brings a certain, unpronouncable, je ne sais quois to the remake.



Which means that the 1991 version of this film is, for me…

The Definitive Champion. Because, really, haven’t we all found ourselves stuck at a black tie event wearing a “naaaavy bleau tuxaado” at one point or another?

I feel better already. Stick with me guys, and I promise I won’t disappear for another week. Tomorrow’s matchup with introduce a little murder and mayhem into our matrimonial bliss! Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Father of the Bride VS Father of the Bride”


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