About GC

Readers, meet Gumball Crayola. GC, meet my readers.

Ta-da! (Technically, this isn’t my easy chair, but the online showroom at Howell Furniture is a lot neater than my living room! And the couch with the spiffy looking cushions is from the Wilcox Furniture website.)

GC and I have a close personal relationship. GC covers my easy chair and coffee table – and yes, that is a whole lot of colour for 652 square feet!

But that’s exactly what I want in my life. Fun and exuberance and something that will wake me up after being in a cubicle all day! And that’s what I want this blog to do, too. Be my caffeine without the caffeine, so to speak.

My goal in writing is to look for the joy around me (instead of automatically flaking out on the easy chair when I get home from work) and, hopefully, to feel happier and more energetic as a result. Without going through a caffeine crash or withdrawal headaches 🙂

I hope I can share some of that joy with you, too. Cheers!



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