Infernal Affairs VS The Departed

29 Mar

So we’re almost at the end of the week, and we’re still all about the criminals here at Gumball Crayola. More murders, more mayhem, and more mighty good looking men!






But which one of them is the bad guy? That, my friends, is the question…




Based on the brooding faces above, you’ve probably guessed that today’s match up is:

Infernal Affairs VS The Departed

The Deal: Picture a brtutal, bloody game of cops and robbers…where it gets harder and harder to tell the difference between the two groups. There are too many double and triple crosses here to form a coherent recap of either film, but let’s just say that nobody trusts anybody in these movies, and very few of them survive to the end of either story. The police force clashes with the mob in what is definitely our most violent match up to date, and, if I’m being truthful, my least favourite of the movies we’ve featured here so far. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t sitting breathless on the edge of my seat as I watched the action unfold…just that I felt exhausted, and a little icky, afterwards. Which makes it a little challenging for me to objectively rate

The Original VS the Do Over since I don’t feel a whole lot of love for any of the characters in particular. But I will say that I was absolutely horrified by Matt Damon’s character in the remake, which was a big change for me. He usually manages to maintain a core of “Matt-ness” in his roles, and I usually adore him regardless of who he’s playing. So  the American version resonated with an extra level of emotion for me, compared to the Hong Kong version. I felt even more betrayed by the character’s actions, if that makes sense?!? Plus, Martin Scorsese did finally win his Best Director Oscar for his version, so I’m going to crown his 2006 picture as

The Definitive Champion. But this was something of an ambiguous match up for me, and perhaps a sign that my association with the criminal element should come to an end? Come back tomorrow to see how I redeem myself!


Congratulations Marty….I think?!?



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