Things I Love #101

2 Sep

Happy Friday! It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

And the Friday of a long weekend feels even better!

Today’s It’s Finally Friday video is actually a repeat of an earlier post.

Geez Amber, I can hear you thinking, you hit 100 posts and you start recycling your old material already? But it’s not like that, I promise. I have my reasons.

Reason #1: it’s a super fun song

Reason #2: the video has some super cute boys in it

Reason #3: the song is suddenly blowing up everywhere… and it was featured here at Gumball Crayola months ago.

Yes, we’re that cool.

(For some reason, my manager laughed at me when she asked if I’d heard of the song and I told her that. Can’t imagine why.)

You can check out the original post here. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!


One Response to “Things I Love #101”


  1. Taking an Optimism Break « gumballcrayola - January 27, 2012

    […] In keeping with the uplifting theme of today’s post (it’s Friday! Wheeee!) I thought our video for today could be an optimism break! I’ve actually featured this here on Gumball Crayola before, but I’ve noticed that it’s turned up on tv as a Maxwell House commercial. Once again, here at Gumball Crayola, we’re ahead of the cool curve! […]


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