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Don’t Forget!

19 Apr

Hi everyone!

Well, it’s a few days later and I’m pleased to report that the move went well and I’m feeling very comfy and cozy in my new (online) home.

But don’t forget – if you’ve been following me here on Gumball Crayola and you want to keep getting email updates whenever  I write a new post, you’ll need to go to my new site at www.wordsbecomesuperfluous.com and click on the “Follow” button on the right-hand side of the page.

I hope to see you soon!


I’m Moving!

16 Apr

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had wonderful weekends!

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long – I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new, and I truly appreciate your patience (and your concerns! It’s such a nice feeling to know that you’ve been watching out for me.)

But I’m done wallowing now, I promise.

In fact, I’ve been working on a new project for a while now, and I’m finally ready to share it with you!

Please come check out my new (online) home at:


I’m really excited about this, you guys. It was time for a change, and I think this is going to be a really, really good one. (Really, I do!) You can read all about what led to my decision on the “About” page of the new site, here.

I’ve been stretching my website-designer wings, and the new site has all kinds of cool features that I’m really proud of – you can take a tour of all the awesome-ness here. (You can even like me on Facebook! Please like me on Facebook – I really like feeling…uhhh… liked.)

I’ve had such a wonderful time here over the past year, and I’m truly grateful to all of you for coming along for the ride. I hope that you’ll join me over at Words Become Superfluous for another, even better year!

Love, Amber


26 Jan

Good morning! Well, it’s almost the weekend, it’s almost above freezing outside… I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty good.

In fact, I’m feeling so good, I want to celebrate with an F.W.B.S.O!!!

(Friends With Blogs Shout Out, of course. What else could it possibly be?)

First off, a giant Congratulations and You’re Welcome to my fabulous friend Kate, author of the fabulous blog 26 Pixels.

Kate went to the UK to learn, stayed in the UK for love, and yesterday, she passed her UK citizenship test! So, congratulations.

Also, you’ll notice that she demonstrated her excellent knowledge of Britain on the same day that I demonstrated my excellent knowledge of Britain…based television dramas. Co-incidence?!? I think not! Clearly, I’m an excellent source of luck. So, you’re welcome! 😀

Next up, a giant How Cool is That? to my fascinating friend Deb, author of the fascinating blog Tuxedo and the Meatloaf.

Deb is interested in oh so many things, which is great…for me, because it means things are never boring when we hang out! 😀 Check out her awesome handiwork from our most recent get together:

Do I have gorgeous and talented friends, or what? So can you really blame a girl for a little F.W.B.S.O on a Thursday morning?

Have a great day everyone, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow to celebrate the end of another week!