The Thomas Crown Affair VS The Thomas Crown Affair

28 Mar

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday. Another day, another discussion of illegal activity here at Gumball Crayola! I probably shouldn’t sound so enthusiastic about that, should I? But it’s hard not to be enthusiastic when this is what you’re greeted with first thing in the morning:



Sigh. I love my job. Two days of fabulous scenery in a row! Are we on a roll here, or what?

In case you couldn’t tell from the appearance of the two very dapper gentlemen above, today’s match up is

The Thomas Crown Affair VS. The Thomas Crown Affair


The Deal: A super suave multi-millionaire-playboy-thief is pursued, professionally and otherwise, by a super-suave dresses-like-a-multi-millionaire-even-if-she-isn’t-one-society-girl-insurance-investigator. Whew! Many smoldering looks and much suggestive bantering follows. And at the end…

The Original VS The Do Over: As happened when we featured The Italian Job near the beginning of this countdown, the original version of this movie has a much darker, less Hollywood-ized ending. (If you’d like to read a spoiler of the ending, click here. ) While I do think it’s a more genuine ending, one that suits the characters’ personalities, the 1999 version  introduces a couple of new elements that I really like. Changing Crown from a bank robber to an art thief allows for some really fun scenes like this one:

And don’t you just love Rene Russo’s hair?!? (Yes, we cover very important elements of cinema very seriously here at Gumball Crayola). So from my enthusiasm, you can probably guess that

The Definitive Champion: is the 1999 remake. And if you’re curious, the song playing in the scene we just watched was “Sinnerman” by the lovely and talented Nina Simone. You can listen to it, as well as a couple other cool tracks from the soundtrack, below.






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