Cher and Josh, 1995

7 Feb

Good morning! When we’re not in Countdown mode, Tuesdays are normally Downton Abbey days here at Gumball Crayola. But just because we’re in Countdown mode doesn’t mean that I can’t pay tribute to my new favourite obsession, uh, I mean tv show! Trust me – I have found a way! With… Clueless!

Hear me out. Clueless, while hilarious and fun and have I mentioned hilarious, is also an adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, Emma. The main characters, Cher and Emma, respectively, are each the only daughters of widower fathers, who have grown up in a wealthy and privileged society and who focus their energies on being a matchmaker for other couples instead of realizing their own romantic destiny. There are other similarities too, but the point is… Cher is practically like, you know, so totally British!

Which makes her a perfect half of today’s couple:

The Couple: Cher and Josh, from Clueless

Why They’re Great Together: Because they’re hilarious when they bicker (“granola breath” – classic!) and kind of heart-wrenching (in a cute way) when they’re admitting their feelings for each other; because they manage to portray a genuine and layered relationship… in a 90 minute teen comedy. About shopping. (OK, it’s about more than shopping, but you get the point!) Plus, like yesterday’s couple, they both have great hair.

Best Moment/Quote: There are so many endlessly quotable quotes in Clueless – like I could pick just one!?! As if! But this is probably my favourite heart wrenching, in a cute way, moment from the film. Plus, you’ve gotta love Amy Heckerling’s decision to end the story with a wedding… which is, like, you know, so totally how Jane would do it.

They’re Your Perfect Couple If: You want a partner who will inspire you to donate all those italian outfits taking up space in your closet to charity. And who understands that Ren and Stimpy are way existential.



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