Lucy and George, 2002

4 Feb

Well hello there! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends! I had a fabulous time today, which I’m looking forward to sharing with you, after the Countdown is over and I’m out of Cinematic Couple mode.

Are you the type of person who likes to have an organized, productive Saturday, where a whole bunch of items get crossed off of your to-do list? Or do you prefer to take the day to decompress from the work-week? I was thinking about these different lifestyles and habits today, when I was planning who our couple would be:

The Couple: Lucy and George, Two Weeks Notice

Why They’re Great Together: Like Joan and Jack, yesterday’s couple, Lucy and George have completely opposite personalities. Of course you know that they’re going to be together by the end of the film… but that’s not the point. The fun comes from anticipating the changes and realizations that they’re each going to come to in the 101 minutes leading up to that romantic first kiss! I think that Lucy and George are the most flawed couple we’ve featured on the countdown to date – Lucy is a stubborn workaholic, and George is an immature playboy…. but that’s not the point. Neither of them is the ideal partner, and they’re all the better for it. Their very flaws are what allow them to have some of the most honest, and entertaining, exchanges that you’re likely to find between two romantic leads. Which brings us to…

Best moment/quote:

They’re your perfect couple if: Your version of happiness includes a 90 hour work week. Or parties where clown-attire is required.

Today’s couple is dedicated to my shutterbug sis, who said my earlier featured couples were way too “ancient” for her taste. You’re welcome!

Co-incidentally, today’s couple is also dedicated to next Wednesday’s couple, one half of which also includes Sandra Bullock playing a character named Lucy. Bonus points if you can name the couple in advance! And I’ll see you back here tomorrow for my most “ancient” couple yet!


One Response to “Lucy and George, 2002”

  1. tess February 6, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    i like it 🙂

    but noooo not while you were sleeping…


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