Joan and Jack, 1984

3 Feb

Good morning, and Happy Friday! How is everyone feeling? Tired from a busy week?

Yeah, me too. There was so much going on – Corporate World has really been keeping me on my toes.

Of course, I suppose it could have been worse. I mean, my sister could have been held for ransom by Columbian drug dealers and I could have been forced to trek through the jungle with a devastatingly handsome and mysterious guide, searching for a mythical emerald that I could use as a bargaining chip to save her life.

Yeah, I guess Corporate World isn’t so bad.

On the other hand, you can’t find this in Corporate World:

That’s right, today’s couple is Joan and Jack, from Romancing the Stone!

Why they’re great together: Jack is basically character from one of writer Joan’s romance novels – which means he’s adventurous, dashing, brave – and they hate each other at first sight. Joan thinks he’s completely reckless, and Jack thinks she’s a complete pain in the — well, a pain. But, of course, that’s not how they end up. While en route to searching for a mythical emerald that she can use as a bargaining chip to save her sister’s life, Joan discovers that she can be pretty adventurous, dashing, and brave herself! Helping your partner to realize their full potential, against a backdrop of awesome synthesized 80s pop: now that makes a great couple!

Best moment/quote: When Joan and Jack first meet, in the jungle, after Joan’s bus has gone into a ditch:

Jack: My minimum price for taking a stranded lady to a telephone is 400 dollars.
Joan: Will you take 375 in traveler’s checks?
Jack: American Express?
Joan: Of course.
Jack: You’ve got a deal.

They’re your perfect couple if: You have a younger sister who gets you into complicated situations. Or you’re interested in international travel.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone! Remember, the countdown continues here tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Joan and Jack, 1984”

  1. deborah February 4, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    weekends doing nothing but watching afternoon television rock. i have some couples as suggestion:
    1. allie and noah of the notebook
    2. jamie and landon of a walk to remember
    i’ve also been watching couples figure skating…
    this totally isn’t normal but you inspire me to be a big mushball this weekend.

    • amber February 4, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

      a walk to remember was on tv just the other night! i turned it on just in time to watch the last 25 minutes and get all sniffley at my tv. Awesome couple suggestions!!


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