Sea and Cake

30 Jan

Good morning! I hope you all had wonderful weekends, and you were able to stay warm and cozy and dry with this crazy winter weather that we’ve been having. It’s easy to forget, with the mild weather we’ve been having (until now,) but winter here in Canada can be a pretty treacherous business! I know a lot of you have to spend a lot of time on the road, for school and stay safe, ok?

Whew! Look at me, mom-ing you all on a Monday morning – I’m sorry. Can you tell I’ve had a domestic weekend? That was just some lingering after-effects. But it’s out of my system now, I promise.

But I’ll tell you what I hope will stay in my system a little longer – this nice, relaxed feeling that I got from a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. Remember how excited I was about it? Well, I have to tell you, 48 hours of watching movies, cooking, watching tv, doing laundry, watching movies, sleeping, and oh, did I mention watching tv? …was everything I hoped it would be and more. No cabin fever for this domestic goddess, let me tell you! Just glowing, relaxed skin – a by product of sleep (and marshmallow peanut butter squares.)

Anyway, I wanted to keep that mellow feeling with this morning’s song selection, which is called, appropriately enough, Monday!

I’m not sure what the band’s name is appropriate for though – other than a catchy blog title and an excuse to feature some fun pictures – Sea and Cake?!? Is anyone else seeing a connection here that I’m missing?!?

Anyway, enjoy the tune, and I’ll see you hear tomorrow for our Downton Abbey chat!


Oceanic awesomeness provided by and



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