So Hot It’s Cool

12 Jan

Good morning! We’re almost at the end of the week – is anyone else feeling like they’re going to need a whole lot of caffeine to get there?

Is anyone else feeling a little freaked out that tomorrow is Friday the 13th?

Anyone? Anyone? Hello? This thing on? *tap tap*

Ok, so most of you are probably miles more mature than I am, and aren’t concerned about tomorrow in the least. I bet a lot of you are with me on the caffeine thing, though!

Speaking of which, my friend Katie sent this to me the other day, and not only do I think it’s a genius idea, but it (thank goodness!) ties in perfectly to our theme for the month. Check this out:

I’ve heard of adding frozen coffee cubes to iced coffee, to keep it cool without watering it down, but the folks at suggest adding them to hot coffee, to keep you from burning your tongue first thing in the morning! It’s genius! I especially like how they added flavour shots to some of them.

(See the connection… hot coffee…keeping warm… this thing on…? *tap tap*)

Have a great day everyone! In the meantime, I’ll try to find a video to help us – ok fine, help me – from feeling too superstitious tomorrow!

Photo and genius idea courtesy of


2 Responses to “So Hot It’s Cool”

  1. ba January 12, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    morning coffee with an ice-cube shooter….mmmmmm


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