An Epic Weekend of Snuffles and Cake

9 Jan

Good morning! My apologies for the later-than-usual posting time, I was experiencing some major technical difficulties this morning. Let’s hope this isn’t an indication of the type of week I have coming to me – eeek!

On a less ominous note, how was everyone’s weekend? I’m fighting a cold, so my Birthdaypalooza week ended with more snuffles than epic celebrations…

…Unless you count the epic amount of cake that was consumed. Or the epic amount of  British TV that was watched! (But we’ll talk about that tomorrow.)  

But it was a very lovely and restful weekend all the same.

And so, despite some early morning tension (thank you, IT department) I’m doing my best to hold on to that lovely and restful feeling. And I thought I would pass that along to you with a lovely and restful Monday Musical Pick Me Up. 


As for how this relates to our January theme of keeping warm, well, just knowing that Jason Mraz is out there, creating beautiful music somewhere in the world, should be enough to keep us all feeling cozy, shouldn’t it?

Have a lovely and restful Monday everyone, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with a brand new way to keep warm!

Today’s warm and cozy artwork comes courtesy of and the uprising collective.


2 Responses to “An Epic Weekend of Snuffles and Cake”

  1. January 9, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    I too am fighting a cold…….and decided to take something to help me sleep but think I took the wrong capsule… spent last night awake reading until 6a.m. this morning… now I’m trying to play catch-up…I enjoyed the music very relaxing….

    • amber January 9, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

      I’m so sorry to hear you were up all night! I hope you’ll be able to play catch up and feel better today. And be sure to check out tomorrow’s post – it will have an idea for you if you need to pass another sleepless night in the future!


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