Looking Ahead

2 Jan

Good morning, and Welcome to 2012!

This is exciting, isn’t it? Us being here together in a year that’s still brand spanking new? I haven’t had Gumball Crayola for a year yet, but still – this feels like an anniversary worth celebrating to me. I’ve talked before about how much I appreciate your company, but it bears repeating here: knowing that you’re checking in, (even if it’s only once in a while) helps me create balance in my life and reminds me that there’s a whole lot of wonderful out there, outside of Corporate World.

Or, to put it another way, you’re all about seven kinds of awesome and  I love you all to pieces! Thanks guys!!!

So, other than doing a little cyber-boogie at my laptop today because I’m so thrilled to have you all, I’m taking some time today to reflect on the past year and to look to the year ahead. If you’re in a similar, reflective mood, here’s something you might like. Credit as always goes to the shutterbug sibling! Enjoy!



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