Countdown to Christmas: Day 2

23 Dec

Good morning! Happy Christmas-Eve-Eve!

Yes, that’s a real event that’s marked on the calendar at my house. Come on now, and be honest – are you surprised? No, I didn’t think you would be. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well during this countdown, haven’t we?

I’d like to pause for a moment here and say how proud I am that I’ve only used one exclamation mark so far in this post; after all, tonight is Christmas-Eve-Eve, people!!!!!!!

(Oh, darn.)

I only have to put in a half day of work today, and then it’s off to the cottage that I told you about earlier in the week! I can’t wait!

I wanted to show you the view that I have to look forward to, in the hopes that you’ll understand and forgive the above exclamation-mark-extravaganza:

Isn’t that beautiful?! Credit for the photo goes to my little sis, as usual.

Credit for the view goes to whomever you believe to be responsible for those types of things! I don’t want to name names (that’s not really what this blog is about) so I’ll just say that today, my heart is full of gratitude and love for the wonderful people and places in my little corner of the universe, and for the wonderful forces, whatever or whomever they may be, that have arranged for me to live there.

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve everyone!



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