Countdown to Christmas: Day 4

21 Dec

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday.

Do you know, that’s the last time I’m going to be saying that to you all this year? I know there’s one more Wednesday left in the year, but I’ll be travelling then and am not sure yet if I’ll be able to post for you on that day.

So, for now, this is the last Wednesday we’ll spend together in 2011! Man oh man, time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? I can’t believe it’s the end of the year already!

Today’s countdown item is similarly nostalgia-tinged. As I mentioned, I’ll be travelling next week. My family and I are lucky enough to be able to stay at a dear friend’s cottage for the holidays, and we’ll be staying for longer than we have in the past. The good, (great!) news is that, well, we’ll be staying for longer, but the bad news is that, since no one will be home at my parents’ house over the holidays, we’re not having a tree this year.

*sigh* Cue the nostalgia!

But never fear! Christmas elves (aka Amber hopped up on Christmas goodies) to the rescue! While I was on the computer looking for some old photos to share with you, I found this:

Ta-Da! One family Christmas tree, coming up!

This is from 2010, but it looks brand new to me! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Have I mentioned lately that my sister is turning into quite the photographer? I love how she captured the warm glow from all the lights…

*Sorry. Sisterly-bragging-session over now*

I’ll have more photos to share with you tomorrow and through the end of the week, as we snuggle in and get comfy for the holidays. I hope to see you then!



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