Countdown to Christmas: Day 21

4 Dec

Well, it seems that Sundays are turning into my night for revealing slightly embarrassing things about myself (as opposed to the rest of the time, when I’m so suave and sure of myself, right?!?)

Tonight’s confession isn’t quite on the same level as my (holiday-inspired) Beiber fever, but it’s pretty close.

I love made for tv holiday movies. Ones with really original and edgy titles like, “All She Wants for Christmas” and “Moonlight and Mistletoe”

(Both of those are on my PVR right now, by the way.)

…And if they’re from the Hallmark Channel so much the better.

Whew, I feel better now. I’m glad we’ve had this moment together.

You’ll still respect me in the morning, right?

Call me!



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