Countdown to Christmas: Day 28

27 Nov

Hello and Happy Grey Cup Sunday! I hope you’re all enjoying your day. I’m sorry to report that, as I write this, my Winnipeg Blue Bombers are not making much of a dent on the scoreboard. It’s early though, so things could change! Hopefully by the time this is posted, my boys will have gotten it together. Come on Pierce!

Speaking of things that I’m sorry to report, I have to warn you that today’s Countdown item is, well, kind of embarrasing. I can’t quite bring myself to feature this song on a Monday Musical Pick Me Up, so I’m giving it to you today instead, and hoping that I can still keep some of my cool blogger chick cred. Here’s the story.

I was at my parent’s house today, helping my mom decorate for an upcoming Christmas party (see, my-festive-Christmas-junkie-itis isn’t my fault; it’s genetic), and so naturally we were listening to Christmas music on 98.1 CHFI. A song came on. “I love this song!” I exclaimed, festively, and reached over to turn up the volume on the radio. A beat of silence. “Really?” my mom replied, trying hard not to sound thrown by this announcement, and only partially succeeding. And what song caused this parental pause, I can hear you asking? Sigh. This, dear reader, is where it gets embarassing. In my defense, all I can say is, “but it’s so catchy!”


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    […] Good morning! I’m so happy to see that you’re back here today, and that you haven’t been scared away by yesterday’s embarrassing episode. […]


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