Things I Love #138

21 Nov

Good morning! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

I was very festive this weekend, if I do say so myself. (And how is that any different than the past couple of weeks, you Christmas-crazed blogger? I can hear you asking…)

Little do you know, oh skeptical readers of mine, but the past couple of weeks have been nothing but a warm up. I’m happy to report that the inside of my condo now matches my holiday-themed soul (and this blog, now that I think about it…)  

So, because I want to keep the decorations coming, and because I promised them to you last week, I’m going to push our Monday Musical Pick Me Up out till tomorrow, and share some photos with you today instead.

You might remember that my lucky duck of a sister recently got to take a trip to London and Paris. (I know, right?!?) Here are a few (festive!) photos from her travels:









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