Things I Love #132

8 Nov

Welcome to Tuesday! I hope you all had wonderful days. Corporate World, I am sorry to say, kicked my butt today. We had been in a bit of a truce lately – I’d listen to one of icebergradio’s twenty-eight Christmas stations while I worked, and it wouldn’t crash my computer while I streamed music online and built a website using Sharepoint at the same time. Everything was going along swimmingly.

But then our fourth quarter launched, and my workload quadrupled (ok, maybe not, but I was going for alliterative literary style points there) and my butt got kicked (see above.)

But it’s ok because… I have a new flavour of David’s Tea! It’s called Read My Lips, courtesy of my future lawyer, and it’s enough to make me forget about Corporate World… at least until tomorrow.




One Response to “Things I Love #132”


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