Things I Love #131

7 Nov

Hello! And Happy Monday! Are you all feeling extra well rested after our extra long weekend yesterday?

Did you notice that we’re actually starting off the week with a new post today? (I know. I’m excited about it too.)

Aside from wanting to preserve my mental health, I’m extra-motivated to get back on the posting bandwagon this week. My sister is away on vacation until Saturday, and “there better be five new blog posts when I get back!” was included in her bon voyage phone call to yours truly.

So there you go. I’ve officially been told. Ahh, little sisters. They can be so…definite can’t they?

Nonetheless, I have a fun Monday Musical Pick Me Up today, inspired by the aforementioned extra long weekend. (Whew! Try saying that five times fast!)

It was so nice to wake up this morning to actual daylight – made getting out of bed and facing another manic monday just a little bit more managable. And hey, every little bit helps!

So, without further ado… enjoy!



One Response to “Things I Love #131”


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