Things I Love #129

2 Nov

[Good morning! So sorry this didn’t get posted yesterday – I missed you! But Corporate World sort of ate up my day, and then this sort of ate up my evening.]

One of my favourite things about living in this city is that there is a huge range of conversations available for accidental-on-purpose evesdropping! (Hey, a girl’s gotta keep herself entertained on those Starbucks runs somehow…)

And today I accidentally-on-purpose overheard what might just be my very favourite street corner conversation ever:

The scene: two older ladies in fantastic hats on the steps of St. Paul’s

Fantastic Hat 1: Hi there honey! I love your hat.

Fantastic Hat 2: Thanks honey! It’s my birthday hat.

FH1: Happy birthday honey! Are you 900 years old? Cause that’s how old I am honey.

FH2: You’re 900?!? I’m 900!! Don’t we look good honey?


I love this town.

Have a great day, honey!


One Response to “Things I Love #129”

  1. ba November 2, 2011 at 10:26 am #


    …. don’t you just love Queen?


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