Things I Love #126

24 Oct

Good morning good morning good morning, and welcome to the start of another week!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends, and you’re now feeling refreshed and ready to handle whatever may be coming up on your schedule.

I’m happy to report that I had a lovely weekend, filled with brunches and do-it-yourself* home decorating projects and long visits with family and friends. It was just what I needed after the hectic pace of last week.

A good chat with a favourite person is so rejuevenating, isn’t it?  Curling up on the couch with a book and a mug of tea can be lovely, but getting outside and braving the elements is definitely worth it for the right person!

Today’s M0nday Musical Pick Me Up is a variation on that theme… inspired by connections…and how much friends can enrich your life… and…uhhh… *cough cough* also a result of an upcoming trip to Stratford, and yours truly having musical theatre on her mind.



* or, more accurately, my-sister-did-it-herself-and-I-watched-from-the-comfy-chair.  



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