Things I Love #103

7 Sep

Well hello! Sorry I’m late! I hope this post finds you happy and homeward bound after your workday.

I usually like to post in the morning (so that I can stay in the Gumball Crayola frame of mind all day,) but it seems that Corporate World has just been chewing me up and spitting me out lately.

Hence my wish for your home-centric happiness – I’m feeling just a tad bit anti-workplace these days.

But no matter! Now that I’m tucked in and cozy here with you, it’s easy to focus on the fact that we’re entering my favourite time of year* : FALL! I’m celebrating the approaching autumnal awesomeness with my brand new, just discovered, Favourite Fall Flavour Combination!



The fantastic-ness that you see above you is Pumpkin Chai Tea, from David’s Tea’s new fall collection, and black licorice, from my cupboard. Now, each of these things are lovely on their own, but together…

Oh my. Just what I needed!

Thanks for letting me share. I feel better now.

And thanks for putting up with earlier, by the way – long days make me a little aliteration-happy.

*not counting Christmas. Everyone who knows me (and quite possibly a few folks who don’t) knows that Christmas is in a category all on its own.


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