Things I Love #96

24 Aug

I woke up before my alarm went off this morning and…

… had time to chat with the boys in the lobby before the bus arrived and…

… realized my pants seem to fit a little better today than they did yesterday, and…

…there was no line up at Starbucks!

(You: But what about the wagon? 

Me: You’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right – I’ll get back on track next  once this crazy travel schedule calms down and I’ll actually have food in my fridge again. Promise.)

Anyway, a big happy shiny thank you and cyber-hug to my fabulous friend D, who always makes the effort to reschedule our dinners when life gets in the way! (We’d been planning this one for a while.)


Clearly, you were just what I needed to shake off yesterday’s terrible horrible no good very bad day!

And if you’ll forgive a little mid-week mush, another big shiny thank you to my future lawyer, for the goodnight phone call that made it feel like he was only a couple minutes away down the street, and not four hours away at school.

Y_ U M_K_ M_ H_PPY 2



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