Things I Love #81

2 Aug

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekends.

I certainly did:

lots of time with my family + a shift at Paper Things + celebrating a milestone birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) + quite possibly the greatest chocolate cake ever in the history of chocolate cakes





= happy amb  







(So…enthusiastic? Or scary? I can’t decide…)

Sadly, I can’t share the recipe for that most epic chocolate cake with you, because, well, no one knows the recipe.

Now, I know the very existence of said cake would seem to disprove that theory, but it’s true. You see, it’s a creation of my mom and sister’s. They made some changes to a recipe from one of our favourite cookbooks…and now, of course, can’t remember what those changes were!

So I’m afraid it will remain a mystery for now. If they’re ever able to successfully recreate it though, you’ll be hearing about it!

One thing I can share with you is… Your Monday Morning Musical Pick Me Up!

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday…but didn’t it feel like Monday when your alarm went off this morning?

My sister and I were boogieing to this one in the car on our way back downtown last night, so hopefully it will energize you as well!

Adam… I love you, but you really don’t have the moves…

… like Mick Jagger



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