Tales From My Kitchen: An Update

26 Apr

I’m happy to report that becoming a blogger has already impacted my procrastination-ary tendencies… in a good way! That’s right, I have a project update for you Wonderfuls.

Remember the oatmeal cookie recipe that I found on the Tastefood blog and posted earlier this week? Well, my future lawyer arrived home this weekend for spring break, so I broke out the mixing bowls to celebrate.

I left a small portion of the dough plain, for coffee-and-tea-dunking cookies…

and then added the ENTIRE contents of a package of Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate chips to the remaining dough…

If you’re thinking that this looks like a mixture of butter, sugar, and oatmeal held together by chocolate, you’d be right! This recipe calls for very little flour. My first tray of cookies came out a little crispier than I like, but I adjusted the cookie size and baking time and had it down after that…

If you make these at home, try to hold out and wait until the next day to eat them. They taste even better after they’ve had a day to mellow in a cookie jar!



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