Things I Love #9

14 Apr

My Royal Wedding Invitation

(I wish I could claim this as my own, but the credit goes to author Max Scratchmann. I found it on his blog, Curiouser and Curiouser. Thanks Max!)

I watch out every morning for the postman at my gate,
Who’ll bring my invitation for the marriage of Wills and Kate,
I’ve never met the royals, but I’m told they’ll invite me,
Since I’ve bought a Royal Wedding mug to drink my morning tea.

The shopman, he assured me, my invite’s in the bag,
For Will’s sending invitations to the purchasers of swag,
So I’ve bought three wedding tee-shirts and four gaudy wedding cups,
So I can bring my Aunty and her dog and all its pups.

My shelves already sag some from the stuff from Chaz and Di,
I bought the entire gambit, though the price it was quite high,
But I received no invitation from that respected royal host,
Though the shopman, he assured me that they’d just lost it in the post.



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