Project! Update

14 Apr

You may remember that I had mentioned I was undertaking a DIY jewelry project last week.

You may also remember that this was in the (very) early days of this blog, when I was full of blogger-ly ambition and inspiration and ideas. I was, to put it as my friend Kristin would say, “all chaotic and twirly, but in a good way.” I was going to have so much fun! I was going to get so organized! Martha would be so proud!!

I’m definitely having a lot of fun, but as for the organization, well, let’s just say that that particular blogging-by-product continues to be work in progress. Much like my sister’s elusive leg warmers, in fact.

But another by-product of this blog is that I’m already starting to feel accountable to you, my wonderfuls, and that helps motivate me to stay on track with my projects. So I wanted to give you an update on my jewelry project. Here it is:

I don’t have anything to update.

By the way, that sound you’re hearing is the collective eye-rolling of my nearest and dearest, who, I’m sure, are not the least bit surprised at this revelation.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t have anything to update soon! I’m back at Paper Things  this Sunday, and I plan on picking the oh-so-creative brains of my co-volunteers for ideas. And I’m not above bribing them with coffee, either.

So stay tuned!




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