Snow in April or; Why I Love My Couch

6 Apr

I had the best intentions of getting off the couch after work yesterday – my library card has expired, so I was going to take a nice, leisurely walk, pick up a couple of new books to read (was hoping they would have copies of A Discovery of Witches, which sounds a bit like Twilight for grownups,) and have a light, friendly “I love my neighbourhood so much and this is why” post for you all. But my plans changed en route to my condo yesterday afternoon, when I had to fight my way through a snow squall to get home.

Actually, I say “fight my way” purely for dramatic effect – all I had to worry about was getting from my office into my waiting cab, and then from my cab to my front door. Hardly the stuff of epic battles with the elements. But still! It was cold!!

So I ended up staying in last night. But I’m happy to report that I wasn’t ENTIRELY unproductive – I did two loads of laundry and cooked myself an actual dinner. Check it out!

That’s grilled salmon with kale, tomatoes and lemon. Considering that my original meal plan had consisted of microwaving a lean cuisine dinner, I’m pretty pleased with myself!

I should have more exciting things to report tomorrow. Tonight I’m off for dinner and possibly a movie with my lifelong friend Maureen. She travels all over the world, for work and for fun, on a regular basis, so I’m looking forward to her stories!



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